“Omega is a Grade 'A' Database”

Dave Thomson, Principal Policy Officer, Aberdeenshire Council

April 2009

Aberdeenshire Council have been awarded an "A" Grade for Asset Management following a recent inspection carried out by the Scottish Housing Regulator.

The Council have been using the Omega housing asset management database from Concept Informatics for over 10 years. Dave Thomson, Principal Policy Officer, implemented the system and developed procedures in-house to meet the long term requirements of the Housing Service in terms of future maintenance programmes, rent setting, data analysis and legislation.

The Omega database is particularly flexible. It has been substantially adapted since 1997 and its uses are growing continuously. More than 60 people are regular users of the system. Documents such as photographs, drawings, certificates and rent details are accessed over the Council’s intranet. This flexibility was demonstrated when adapting the database to incorporate the requirements of an Asbestos Register, the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS) and recently Energy Performance Certificates (EPC).

Geoff Davison, senior consultant with Concept Informatics, has worked closely with the technical team at Aberdeenshire Council. Niall Beattie, Technical Officer said that the help of Concept Informatics has been invaluable in helping us achieve the “A” grade from the Inspection carried out by the Scottish Housing Regulator. We work well together and hope to be working with Geoff and Omega for many years to come”.

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How we can help

OMEGA will provide key decision makers in your organisation with timely and pertinent reports on stock condition, energy efficiency assessment, asbestos, health and safety and other housing quality issues.  We have a wealth of in-house expertise in data mining and integration techniques, distilling data from numerous disparate and incompatible sources and putting the facts you need at your finger-tips.

This web-site will continue to be developed over the coming months to act as an information source for SHQS issues.

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Energy Saving Trust guide to the energy efficiency aspects of SHQS

Explains energy efficiency elements of SHQS and focuses on how housing providers can maximise the energy efficiency opportunities of meeting the SHQS and minimise costs in the long term. We can help you integrate this information into a whole package to maintain and deliver your SHQS plan.

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SHQS information analysis services

Our consultancy service is designed to develop your housing stock data and produce the detailed Delivery Plan required by the Scottish Housing Quality Standard.

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28 July 2004
Scottish Executive releases clarification notes

Scottish Executive have just released clarification on aspects of the SHQS. 

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21 July 2004
Final SHQS delivery plan guidance released

The final version of the Scottish Housing Quality Standard - delivery plan guidance and assessment criteria has now been published by Communities Scotland and can be downloaded as a pdf document (575 kB) here.


11 May 2004
SHQS draft guidance published

Draft guidance on the Scottish Housing Quality Standard Delivery Plans was published by Communities Scotland on 11 May 2004.  The document describes what is required of Local Authorities and RSLs to produce Standard Delivery Plans and show how they intend to meet the SHQS by 2015.  The Standard Delivery Plans must be submitted by 29 April 2005 at the latest.


4 February 2004
Scottish Housing Quality Standard - statement to Scottish parliament

The minister for Communities has today made an announcement to the Scottish Parliament giving details about the Standard and setting target dates.  The details are available in a pdf format (56.1 kB) here